About the Characters

Paul is the dad (“Da,” as his son Angus callshim), who works from home to spend more timewith his kid. Slightly haggard, he is both crazy in love with his son and somewhat perplexed by the being he has sired.






Angus is a cheerful infant who, like most in his situation, is just trying to figure out the world. Sometimes he does this by asking his dad questions. Other times it’s by experimentation, often without the benefit of good sense. (Hey, maturity will come soon enough.) His standard vocabulary consists of one word – “ba” – whose varied meanings can be deciphered only by his family.

Amy is the mom (“Ma” to her son). She and Paul are no longer married but remain on good terms, working together to co-parent their son. Go “Team Offspring”!






Grandma and Grandpa (collectively known as “Ga” in their grandson’s vernacular) are supportive and helpful, but that can only go so far when you don’t live nearby. Like most families, they keep in contact via those small supercomputers we all keep in our pockets.


Chuck is Paul’s friend and fellow dad, and they often meet to swap family stories. He is downtrodden fatherhood personified, having been worn down by the antics of his numerous kids.

Lily is the teacher at Angus’ day care. She possesses the monumental patience necessary to corral a few dozen tiny, lively humans day in and day out. Britt is Lily’s daughter and Angus’ babysitter. She gets her superior child-care skills from her mom. Britt is smart beyond her years and the object of Angus’ romantic affections.


Carlos and Zoe are Angus’ friends at day care. They are as bright and boisterous as Angus, which can cause some problems at times.